Endowment Fund

One of the long standing goals of the Badger Foundation has been to create a lasting legacy in the form of an endowment to benefit present and future generations of Badgers. The fund will have a substantial permanent pool of assets and the interest earned on investing those monies would be used to support the school and its students. Our stated goal is to raise One Million dollars.

The Board of Directors formally approved the “Endowment Agreement” which establishes policies to govern the fund, including a declaration of the intended uses of the earnings. In general terms, the investment proceeds will be used to support the students and programs of THMS by providing: (1) Individual support for students needing assistance to participate in school sponsored activities; (2) Programmatic assistance to the school and/or teachers for basic operations and/or worthy programs (for which adequate funding may not be available through normal budgetary processes); and (3) Scholarships to assist graduating seniors with the continuation of education beyond the secondary level.

The agreement provides a basis for assuring potential donors the original principal of their pledges or contributions will be maintained in perpetuity, and the interest used solely to benefit the school as intended.

For more information about making a donation to the fund or to receive a copy of the Endowment Agreement, contact Richard Bierce 703-447-9432 or e-mail crbierce@aol.com