Badger Foundation

How did the Tucson High Badger Foundation begin?
In 1982, a small group of alumni created the Badger Foundation to raise funds for a Tucson High Jazz Band trip to Europe. By 1984, it had become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization.

Our Mission:

The Tucson High Badger Foundation’s mission is to serve and support the Tucson High Magnet School community, consisting of students, faculty and staff by providing financial assistance for special events, services to students and faculty and post-secondary student scholarships. In addition, the Foundation also honors, celebrates and preserves the history, traditions and achievements of THMS.
What is the Badger Foundation?

The Badger Foundation is the prime alumni organization for Tucson High Magnet School. Foundation members currently include over 1000 graduates, faculty, staff and friends of Tucson High who share a common commitment to support student activities and educational goals. The Foundation provides financial assistance to Tucson High students, faculty and staff which enables students and student groups to participate in special activities when school or district funds are not available.

The Foundation is managed by a 21-member Board of Directors. Directors serve without compensation and are elected for a three-year term.
The main sources of funding are membership dues, bequests, donations and special events.


The Foundation sponsors special events throughout the year and members receive a monthly newsletter. The highlight of the year is the October Annual Meeting/Hall of Fame Luncheon which features the induction of new members into the Tucson High Badger Foundation Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame recognizes alumni, faculty and staff of Tucson High for excellence educational, professional and community involvement. The Foundation also holds a golf tournament, a generations luncheon for graduating students and families. In addition, throughout the year, the Foundation continually promotes the Brick project honoring Tucson High alumni, faculty, staff and our Veterans.


Our focus is to continually increase membership and gifts and donations in order to support Tucson High Magnet students and faculty in their continued quest of excellence and achievement.