Badger Foundation

How did the Tucson High Badger Foundation begin?

In 1982, a small group of alumni joined forces to raise funds for a Tucson High Jazz Band trip to Europe. By 1984, that nucleus had become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, which is now known as The Tucson High Badger Foundation, Inc. The Foundation continues to honor education and strives to keep Tucson High students in school. The main sources of funding are membership dues, bequests, donations, and proceeds from the Tucson High merchandise sold by the Foundation’s La Tiendita volunteers.

Our Mission Statement

The Badger Foundation strives to perpetuate the traditions and history of Tucson High School, to promote the educational and cultural activities of the students and alumni, and to encourage and support Tucson High students to graduate.

What is the Badger Foundation?

The Badger Foundation is the prime alumni organization for Tucson High (now Magnet) School. The Foundation helps preserve the proud traditions and history of Tucson High and serves as an alumni association to assist with class reunions. Foundation members currently include over 1000 graduates, faculty, staff and friends of the Tucson High who share a common commitment of support to student activities and educational goals.

The Foundation provides financial assistance to Tucson High students, faculty, and staff, which enables students and student groups to participate in special activities when student activity funding is not available through the school or school district. Members receive four newsletters annually. The social highlight of the year is the October Annual Meeting/Hall of Fame Luncheon, which features the induction of new members into the Tucson High Badger Foundation Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame recognizes alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of Tucson High for excellence in educational, professional, and community achievement. Six of the previous school year’s outstanding students are also honored at the Annual Meeting/Hall of Fame Luncheon.

The primary objective and purpose of the Badger Foundation is to serve as a charitable organization which unites Tucson High alumni, parents of current and past students, faculty, staff and interested community members for:

  • Preserving and documenting the history and traditions of Tucson High
  • Providing financial support to the school and its current students in need
  • Promoting community involvement

The Foundation is managed by a 21-member Board of Directors. Directors serve without compensation and are elected to serve a three-year term. This support network is key to the success of the Badger Foundation.


Foundation Goals

  • Enrich Student Academic Endeavors
  • Create special programs/activities in a variety of subject areas
  • Recognize outstanding academic achievement through student scholarship
  • Support Athletic Endeavors
  • Encourage Excellence in Teaching
  • Promote education in Fine Arts and Technology
  • Support programs financially through contributions from alumni, parents and community resources
  • Foster Ongoing Relationships with Tucson High alumni
  • Establish and increase Endowment Funds