Grants & Awards

Each spring, at the request of the alumni/donors listed below, the Foundation presents awards in their names to graduating seniors who excel in specific areas.

In 1996, Frances and John Barringer made the first of many donations to fund the Barringer Award, the recipients of which are students excelling in Fine Arts and Music.

In 1997, Otis Chidester bequeathed $8,000 to fund the Chidester Award which recognizes the achievements of Photography and Graphic Arts students.

In 1999, to honor her late husband’s achievements in Mathematics and Computer Technology, Marie Palmer made a $6,000 donation to fund the Palmer Award which recognizes students who display excellence in those fields.

In 2002, Wanda Rice bequeathed $20,000 with the request that the Badger Foundation begin an endowment fund from which the interest could be used to fund the Badger Foundation General Grants and Gifts Fund (The General Fund).


The General Fund’s main sources of monetary support are membership dues, memorial gifts, and donations from individuals and class reunions. Through this fund, the Foundation provides financial assistance to the students, faculty, and staff of Tucson High throughout each academic year.