Dr. Delbert L. Secrist, M.D., School Board Member
Team Physcian District #1

He has always been fondly known as “Deb.” He came to Tucson with his family at the start of World War II and immediately became involved, stayed that way till his death. Deb believed in his community and its kids. He served on the District No. 1 School Board for 16 years, supported student activities zealously and was the volunteer team physician for Tucson High and the Wildcats for many years. Actually Deb was the first secondary school team trainer in the state of Arizona. He worked for the interscholastic athletics throughout his lifetime, stressing the importance of safety for the players. Dr. Secrist also served on the state and national school board associations representing Tucson High, his community and School District Number One. Thanks to him, Tucson students received tremendous community, intergovernmental and professional support.