Archie M. “Jake” Meyer, Class of 1917
Athlete, Coach, US Marshal
Known to the students at Tucson High School as the “Hooky Cop,” came to Tucson in 1907 from his home in California. His father lost his business in the San Francisco Earthquake, so Tucson would be a place to start a new life and new home. Jake started working at age eleven as a call boy for the Southern Pacific Railroad. At Tucson High he was coached in football by Pop McKale. It was Pop McKale who nicknamed him “Jake.” After Tucson High, Jake coached football as the line coach for a short period of time.
He was involved with the Tucson Schools for 32 years. E.E. Rose hired him as a Truant Officer around 1922. Jake then became Superintendent of Attendance and Transportation. He traveled to Lima, Ohio to bring the first school bus to the Tucson schools. He continued his superintendent position until 1932 when he became U.S. Marshall of Arizona. He was appointed by President Eisenhower, with recommendations by Barry Goldwater and local politicians.
Jake was a very likeable man in Tucson. He was one of the first five volunteers to go into World War II from Arizona. He was a well-known guitar player and horseman. He could entertain a crowd with all of his stories. Jake helped put on the first Rodeo in Tucson and was one of the original members of the Parade Committee. After his duties as U.S. Marshall, Jake retired. He was very involved in the social circle and had many active friends. He was always put in charge of the horses as he never missed any rodeos. Jake spent a lot of time at his ranch riding horses.